The MIDAV sardines and mackerel canning plants have been operating since 1984 in the town of SAFI which faces the Ocean in an area considered to be one of the wold's richest fishing zones.

The MIDAV management team, whose technical experience in the field of "fish canning industry" produces today various types of canned sardines and mackerel, such as plain and fillets, in vegetable or olive oil, in tomato or in brine, with lemon etc...

Midav - Produits sardine et maquereaux
Midav - Boites fer blanc

MIDAV's production policy is aimed strictly on the quality of their raw materials and their suppliers are accessed by frequent controls carried out by the in-house laboratory.

MIDAV produce their own brands and also customers's own brands, in a variety of cans in both tin plate an aluminium, with keys, easy-open, in both lithographed or plain cans in cartonettes.