MIDAV produces its own brands, but also filling marks under different types of presentation: white aluminum or iron, easy open or not illustrated or cased.

A wide range of products made from sardines, mackerel and tuna is offered. 
We also offer different jutages and sauces for these fish: vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, soybean), tomato sauce, pickled sauce ...

Depending on the needs of your market, different sizes of boxes can be used: 125g, 155g, 375g, 425g, ...

Some our products

Sardines à l'huile végétale piquante - Safi
Kefta de sardines
Essaouirade de sardines
Sardine fillets in olive oil
Filet de sardine à l'huile d'olive vierge extra
Filets de sardines piri-piri
Gamme boite fer blanc
Midav - Sardines à l'huile végétale
Gamme produits
Filets de sardine sans peau sans arêtes
Sardines à l'huile de tournesol
Sardine in sunflower oil